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Cedarburg, WI


03/26/08 - Granite countertops and glass doors installed - Lots to see today!

Here's what the kitchen looked like just before the countertop was installed.

Ready to install a piece of the countertop for the peninsula. All hands on deck: Miles is recruited to help out.

To make sure everything fits just right, there's always someone at the ready to tweak what needs tweaking.

Jose mixes the epoxy to glue the seams.

Very nice...

Here's the view toward the peninsula. Note the leaded glass door is now installed in the upper cabinet.

Some of the leaded glass doors in the desk area. The pattern was designed by the customer, the work was done by Norm.

Here's the other side of the peninsla that also faces the dining area.


03/19/08 - Installation has begun

First, the old cabinets are removed...

Then the new ones are installed.

The tape replaces hardware that's not yet installed.

Also, the leaded glass doors Norm was working on will be added soon.



Norm finishing up the leaded glass door inserts

Here is a stack ready to put into the cabinet doors

Adam and Dennis moving the finished kitchen to the truck - it's ready to go into the kitchen!

03/13/08 - Closer to installation!


Dennis next to some of the 41 drawers he has built for this kitchen

More drawers

More of the cabinets are coming together


The larger cabinets are coming together

Norm standing next to a stack of drawers

Doors for the Cedarburg kitchen


Our excited customer (R) and friend

Adam & Miles admiring their work.

Detail of the door construction

02/23/08 - It's coming together nicely


Miles working on doors

Aubrey staining one of the face frames

and Adam building another face frame.


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