Minneapolis, MN




Here's the proposed floorplan, window wall, and stove wall:


After pictures - Coming soon!

The process:

Here Dave is assembling pieces to create frames Here he's sanding each piece
  Each piece has to be cut and sanded
Here's Dennis working on this kitchen  
Cabinets waiting for their doors Doors waiting for finishing
Dave staining some of the doors The doors drying on racks
Some of the hardware is being attached  

Some of the items in the spray booth where the lacquer is applied


The new cabinets are going in These are the upper cabinets that go over the stove
  Pepper, the project supervisor


The table:

Up-side down table legs

How a table top is made

Here, the legs are attached to the frame that will create the base of the table

Here it has been stained and is drying

The finished table.