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Office Piece: Grafton, WI

April, 2008

Here's something we put together for our office.

This is the corner where we keep various stain, tile and trim samples. Although the stand rotates for easy access, it could look nicer.

This is the piece we will be working on. The new office piece will be made out of maple, and will fit in the corner perfectly.
Here's the schematic drawing. We have decided to go with a beaded detail on the face frame.
Here, Adam is gluing up door panels  
Miles has finished with the doors, and they're clamped and waiting . Adam  at the jointer dressing the stock for the face frames.
Face frame assembly. The face frame is being dry-fitted on Miles' bench.
Assembly of the side panels to the lower unit.  
Here's the upper unit with the side panels attached to the face frame.  
The upper unit assembled and ready for finishing. Here are the top and the bottom of the piece after stain and lacquer
Here, you can see the hardware for attaching the doors The finished bottom. Note the detail on the front corners
Compare the finished piece... ...to the drawing we started with.