Kitchen and Entertainment Center

Cedarburg, WI


The kitchen installation was completed on Friday, 05/22. As soon as we get pictures of the kitchen with the counter tops installed, they will be posted.


The kitchen is being installed today, so they're loading up the truck and heading for Cedarburg. The cabinets seen here are all uppers. They're actually upside down so that the bottoms don't get scratched. These cabinets will be getting puck-lights, so any scratches on the bottoms of the cabinets would be clearly visible.

These are upper cabinets waiting to be loaded on the truck.   This is how it's done: the cabinets are carried down the stairs by hand and loaded onto the truck.   Most of the kitchen is already loaded.


A lot has happened over the weekend:

This tall unit will hold the ovens   Doors and drawers are being added   Upper cabinets
This photo shows the pull-out under the sink   Trash receptacles and a sink flip-out    



The cabinet boxes and face frames are assembled in the shop; the doors are being made. Right now, this project is taking up a lot of the floor space.



The kitchen and entertainment center right now are basically just a pile of boards, so instead of posting that, I have a couple pictures of the mantle as it is so far.


Dave is the lead on this job. He's setting up the mantle for me to photograph.   Some detail of the mantle. It's waiting for finishing.   5/14/09 - same end of the mantel, stained and finished.


This project involves an entertainment center as well as a kitchen. The quotes were given to the customer a while ago, and the customer has decided to begin the work now. Here are some of the before pictures and drawings:


Entertainment Center: