Madison, WI


Cabinets have been installed and painted, the floor has been refinished, the stainless steel and wood countertops have been installed, the walls have been painted, and the room is ready for its closeup!


A memory refresher:



Continuing progress

Doors   Upper cabinets   The doors are being installed on this unit
Tall cabinet, and an upper cabinet with openings for little drawers   Ready for drawers   Dave is sanding one of the doors



Almost done...

Some upper cabinets (front) and lowers (behind).   Drawers   Here, Norm is working on one of the cabinets.
The cabinet in the front, and the one on the table are both upper cabinets. Note that when we put upper cabinets on the floor, we always rest them upside down so the bottom of the cabinet doesn't get scratched up   Face frame fronts ready to receive doors    



The cabinets are being built, along with door and more face frame assembly

Here, Dave is assembling doors.   Door Panels   Assembled doors
Upper cabinets   And still more face frames    



Here are some before pictures and drawings to get this job started:

The customer is going from dark to bright.    

These are the pieces before they get assembled into face frame


These are the beaded face frames.

This is more of the kitchen: some assembly required.