WIP ~ Kitchen

Grafton, WI


This is a beautiful older home in Grafton. The new owners have taken on quite a task with this home, as almost everything needs to be redone. Here are a few pictures of the kitchen as the new owners found it:
Fireplace will be removed, wall oven will be replaced with a more up to date range Near as anyone can tell, this closet was only used for coats, no other storage   The cook top here will be eliminated all together, replaced with counter space

and these photos show the same areas after demolition:

Where the fireplace was, where the stove will go A view of the entire wall. Note the curve for the ceiling in the dining room. The cabinets are gone, the refrigerator still stands. A refrigerator will go where the coat closet used to be. We believe this radiator was used to heat the kitchen - from behind closed cabinet doors. It will find a new home.

Here are the renderings for the new kitchen: